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By Charles Birch

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Charles Birch considers primary questions on lifestyles and the connection among technological know-how and faith. Questions similar to: what's existence? What does it suggest to be alive? Is God worthwhile? Birch indicates that viewing the area as a realm of expertise instead of as a suite of items permits one to return to a naturalistic realizing of God that is very assorted from conventional non secular notions.

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In doing this I am reminded of a plea of Bill Coffin who was the dynamic and radical pastor of the famous inclusive Riverside Church in New York, whose thinking was also inclusive. His church drew many of its members from neighbouring Columbia University and Harlem. He used to remind his flock that in their search for understanding together they should seek not certainty but clarity. Certainty is a fake. Conviction with clarity is for realdeep yet clear: Oh, could I flow like thee, and make thy stream My great example, as it is my theme!

One object of this book is to suggest an approach to understanding the living organism that is commensurable with what we know about the subjective in our lives and in the lives of of other creatures. Indeed, that recognition calls for a radical extension of science as we Page xi usually think of it. This book calls for a recognition by science of a wider field of exploration that includes the subjective. That is, to study organisms as organisms. The time has come for science to march to another drummer.

They want answers to questions worth asking. If they are given any other kind of information they usually can't remember it. When someone tells me that was an interesting lecture you gave yesterday I ask in response, what did you find interesting? Sometimes I get a blank stare or at most they can remember a joke I told. Their problem is that they have no mental pegs onto which to hang new information. Page 10 If they had there would have been important questions hanging on some mental peg or other that was crying out for an answer.

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