Dale Titus, Albert Nigro's Bass Basics Steps One & Two Combined PDF

By Dale Titus, Albert Nigro

ISBN-10: 1576234266

ISBN-13: 9781576234266

This publication & CD package deal is designed to aid aspiring musicians take step one towards experiencing the joys of enjoying tune, and is packed choked with advice, classes, and useful wisdom. Contents comprise bass fundamentals, choosing thoughts, universal bass traces, fiddling with a drummer, slap/pop suggestions, and interpreting song notation and tablature.

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An octave is eight notes away from the root, and has the same note name as the root. The octave from any note can be found by moving two strings up and two frets forward. Practice finding all the octaves on the E and A strings by starting with the open strings and working up the neck chromatically. @ Example 16: The Slap The next step in this technique is the slap, which is handled by the right hand thumb. The thumb acts like a hammer, striking the string with the outside of the knuckle, near the area on the bass where the neck meets the body.

CD @ Example 73: Shuffle Blues The next example uses the same pattern as Example 12, but uses shuffle time instead of straight time. In shuffle time, the eighth notes are no longer evenly spaced, as in straight time, but the first eighth note is a longer length of time than the second eighth note. This only affects the eighth notes, not the quarter notes. Listen to the recorded examples to help better distinguish between straight and shuffle eighth notes. 0Example 74: 72mBar Blues A common blues progression is the 12-bar blues.

The exercise starts with the basic slap/pop technique [Ex. 19A), then incorporates the variation in the right hand [Ex. 19B) and finally a combination of the two (Ex. 19C). Example 1 9 A Tb S Tb S Example 1 9 B Tb S - Octave Exercise simile - Variation Tb Tb S simile Example 1 9 C - Combination Tb S Tb S simile Tb S TbTb S simile CD @ Example 20: The H a m m e ~ o n This example uses a technique known as the hammer-on, where the note is sounded by hammering the string t o the fretboard using the tip of any finger of the left hand.

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