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Deep-sea benthic foraminifera have performed a relevant function in biostratigraphic, paleoecological, and paleoceanographical examine for over a century. those single–celled marine protists are very important due to their geographic ubiquity, contrast morphologies and fast evolutionary premiums, their abundance and variety deep–sea sediments, and due to their software as signs of environmental stipulations either at and less than the sediment–water interface. furthermore, strong isotopic info received from deep–sea benthic foraminiferal checks offer paleoceanographers with environmental info that's proving to be of significant importance in stories of world climatic switch. This paintings collects jointly, for the 1st time, new morphological descriptions, taxonomic placements, stratigraphic incidence information, geographical distribution summaries, and palaeoecological info, in addition to state of the art color photomicrographs (most taken in mirrored mild, simply as you are going to see them utilizing mild microscopy), of three hundred universal deep-sea benthic foraminifera species spanning the period from Jurassic - contemporary. This quantity is meant as a reference and study source for post-graduate scholars in micropalaeontology, geological execs (stratigraphers, paleontologists, paleoecologists, palaeoceanographers), taxonomists, and evolutionary (paleo)biologists.


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Piripauan index. Lower bathyal (Thomas, 1990). Original Designation Chronostratigraphy Type Locality Locality 3250, mouth of Tuparoa Stream, Waipiro Survey District, New Zealand. Original figs. 188, 189 (holotype), 191, 192 from Locality 3250A. Figs. 187, 190 from Locality 5374, 148 chains, at 60° from Trig U, Mangaotoro Survey District. Other locality given: 5664 Mid-Wapara, North Canterbury, New Zealand. Description Test forms a small, lenticular trochospire; pentagonal in outline and unequally biconvex in cross-section with an involute, convex, umbilical side, an evolute, flattened or slightly convex spiral side, and a rounded, imperforate periphery.

Type Specimen Biogeography Holotype (CC 57353) deposited in the collections of the United States National Museum, Washington, DC. Type Level Worldwide. , 1994). Eocene, Navet Formation, Nariva River Marl Member; light gray, yellowish to khaki-weathering soft marl. Bathymetry Original Designation Type Locality Nariva River, Eastern Central Range, Trinidad; Trinidad Government Cadastral Coordinates: North 314,460 links, East 486,945 links. Primarily bathyal. Chronostratigraphy Early Eocene (Ypresian) to Latest Eocene (Priabonian).

Ammobaculites jarvisi Cushman and Renz, 1946 29 Ammobaculoides carpathicus Geroch, 1966 1 1. Ammobaculoides carpathicus. Poland, Subsilesian Unit, Stepina near Strzyzow, Sample 115/57 (black shales). Deposited in the collections of the United States National Museum, Washington, DC; USNM 460972. Paratype. Lateral view. NHMUK PM DI 0027, scale bar = 131 μm. Original Designation Ammobaculoides carpathicus Geroch, 1966, p. 479, tf. 13, figs. 13–22 (fig. 14: holotype). Type Specimen Housed in the Geroch Collection, Institute of Geological Sciences, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland.

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