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The practical consequences were horrendous. The rule of law clearly places limits on the exercise of powers by the Government and protects the rights of citizens. The rule of law theory, like the separation of powers, emphasises the need for keeping the institutions and their processes within reasonable limits so as to avoid totalitarianism. 10 A S L A W The development of the British constitution The constitution has evolved over time, with two main strands of historical development: first, the changing relationship between the monarchy, executive and Parliament; and, second, the landmark reforms that have extended rights and liberties and delimited constitutional powers.

The Law Commission responds to proposals from judges, academics, the legal profession and others on the sorts of reform projects that need to be undertaken. Although it has its critics, the Law Commission has generally been successful in encouraging law reform. Between 1966 and 2006, of 174 law reform reports, 20 reports were rejected and there are a further 28, dating back to 1991, which await a response from the Government. However, since these statistics were collated, at least one of the outstanding reports – on Fraud (2002) – influenced the Fraud Act 2006.

16 A S L A W So what constitutional objections were raised against this Act? The claimants argued, amongst other things, that (1) Acts of Parliament were not constitutionally valid unless approved by both Houses of Parliament; (2) the Parliament Act 1949 had accordingly been passed without the consent of the House of Lords and so was itself invalid; (3) the Parliament Act 1949 was, in fact, delegated legislation and not primary legislation, and so could not validly increase the power of the House of Commons at the expense of the House of Lords.

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