Artificial Intelligence in Basic by Mike James (Auth.) PDF

By Mike James (Auth.)

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Details of the program are fairly straightforward once you know that the board is in fact represented by two different arrays Ά ' and 'Β'. Ά ' is used to record 'X's position and 'B' records 'O's position. This use of two arrays allows both an 'X' and a Ό ' to be represented by T and simplifies some of the calculations. Subroutine 4000 calculates the evaluation function for 34 When heuristics meet: the strategy of competition the board as it stands and so, to evaluate a possible move, it is necessary to actually make it before calling subroutine 4000 and then to remember to unmake it.

This means that you cannot just replace traditional logic by fuzzy logic in any given application and to date nobody has really managed to work it into an expert system in any really convincing way, but it's early days yet! One of the exciting uses for fuzzy logic is the description of human ideas to a computer. For example, the adjective 'tall' that was giving us so much trouble earlier could be described by a graph showing the truth value for various heights. This description is just as easy to convey to a computer as to another human.

If you were given the information that if there were black clouds in the sky outside you would have to revise your belief in rain to take this information into account. Using P(rain|dark clouds) = P(dark clouds|rain) P(rain) P(dark clouds) you can change what you believed, P(rain), before the extra information into your new belief, P(rain|dark clouds). g. a clap of thunder 54 Thinking and reasoning: expert systems was heard, you could use the same method to update what you believed once again! P(thunder|rain) P(rain|dark clouds) P(rain | thunder, dark clouds) = P(thunder) and so on.

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