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By Callum F. Ross, Richard F. Kay

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This moment version could be an edited quantity of curiosity to those that do learn and train concerning the evolution of primates. It goals to show to primatologists, anthropologists, palaeontologists, and neuroscientists the latest stories of primate phylogeny, the anthropoid fossil checklist, the evolution of the primate visible process, and the foundation of the anthropoid social structures. This identify encompasses a CD-ROM and colour figures.

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Rosenberger's (1986) model resembled Cachel's in suggesting a link between incisor biting and the evolution of a postorbital septum, and resembled Cartmill's in seeing the echoes of an omomyiform ancestry in the anthropoid response to this selective regime. Rosenberger incorporated the features of the skull distinguishing anthropoids from other primates (fused frontal bones; recession of the face; closure of the orbit by enlargement and fusion of the zygomatic to the braincase; enhanced grinding stroke of the chewing cycle; fusion of the mandibular symphysis; enlargement of the incisors and their transverse alignment in the tooth-row; blunting of the premolars; and cancellous petrosal bones) into a functional hypothesis explaining their interrelated evolution (Rosenberger, 1986).

Late Eocene anthropoids are best preserved and most abundant in several Egyptian localities. Two principal groups-Propliopithecidae and Parapithecidae-are universally recognized. , 1994). Placements of other taxa are more controversial. , 1994). , 1979) or a stem anthropoid (Hofstetter, 1980). At the opposite extreme, Gingerich (1980) argued that Oligopithecusis very similardentally to some Adapidae and may even be an adapid. , 1994). Qatrania, Serapia, and Arsinoea of the late Eocene are placed by some individually or collectively among the Parapithecidae while others regard them as uncertain affinities.

Simpson did not discriminate between cases in which the defining features of the grade were present in the last common ancestor of th e taxa in the grade, or whether those features evolved in parallel. Indeed, by definition, parallelism only occurs in closely related lineages, and closely related lineages sharing features in common can, under Simpson's definitions, be monophyletic. Like Mivart and Le Gros Clark, Simpson initially saw his higher taxon Anthropoidea as polyphyletic sensu lato (Simpson, 1945, 1949), with cercopithecoids, hominoids, and ceboids arising from separate groups of prosimians (Simpson, 1949, figure 17, p .

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