American X-Vehicles: An Inventory-X-1 to X-50 - download pdf or read online

By Dennis R Jenkins, Tony Landis, Jay Miller

For some time, it appeared the sequence of experimental airplane subsidized through the U.S. executive had run its path. among the overdue Forties and the overdue Seventies, virtually thirty designations have been allotted to plane intended to discover new flight regimes or untried applied sciences. Then, mostly, it ended. yet there has been a resurgence within the mid- to past due- Nineteen Nineties, and as we input the fourth 12 months of the recent millennia, the designations are as much as X-50.

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Navy. The goal of the joint DARPA/Navy project is to demonstrate the tech­ nical feasibility for a UCAV system to effectively and affordably conduct sea-based surveillance, suppression of enemy air defenses, and strike missions within the emerging global command and control architecture. The X-47A made its first flight on 24 February 2003 at NAS China Lake, California. American X-Vehicles: An Inventory X-1 to X-50 57 X-48 The Boeing Company First Flight: Pending Sponsors: Boeing, NASA Last Flight: Not Applicable Fastest Flight: Not Applicable Total Flights: Not Applicable Highest Flight: Not Applicable An artist’s concept of a full-size Blended Wing Body aircraft in the refueling role.

But Steve Bass, Boeing’s X-50 program manager, confirms Boeing got the number out of sequence by special request. The X-50 designation is so fitting for the CRW concept—50 percent helicopter and 50 percent airplane. 86 (HL-10) Total Flights: 43 (M2) / 37 (HL-10) Highest Flight: 90,303 feet (HL-10) The three lifting bodies tested during the 1960s: The Air Force X-24 (described separately) is at left, the M2-F3 is in the center, and the HL-10 is at right. All proved to be remarkably capable machines, especially given the limited budget used for their development.

Image retouching by Brian Duke) The X-44 designation is reportedly reserved for a possible full-scale USAF/NASA manned tailless flight control demonstrator. The X-44 has been referred to as the MANTA, or Multi-Axis No-Tail Aircraft. The plan is to convert an early prototype Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor with a large delta wing (similar to that pro­ posed for the FB-22) and advanced thrust vectoring nozzles for flight control. Thrust vectoring—the ability to turn the jet exhaust—allows an aircraft to create forces with its engines similar to the forces created by aerodynamic surfaces such as flaps, rudders, and stabilators.

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