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In VEE 3 Execution Mode, independent threads would round-robin between each thread, meaning that one object will be executed in one thread, then an object in the other thread, etc. In compiler mode, this behavior is not guaranteed. Loop Bounds. To increase looping performance, the bounds of iterators (such as the Step field in a For Range object) are examined only at the beginning of the first iteration and not at every iteration. The object's fields are grayed at run time to show the value is not changeable.

In VEE 3 and VEE 4 modes, the READ TEXT transaction using the TOKEN format with EXCLUDE CHARS does not advance the read pointer to exclude the specified character. Figure 1-10 shows an example of this in VEE 4 mode: Figure 1-10. READ TEXT Transaction with TOKEN in VEE 4 Mode This is an unexpected result. An expected result is for each phrase separated by the excluded character "*" to appear in separate AlphaNumeric displays, as shown in the VEE 5 mode example in Figure 1-11. Chapter 1 33 Introduction Using VEE Execution Modes Figure 1-11.

3. Declared local-to-library variables when inside a UserObject context nested in a UserFunction context. 4. Global declared and undeclared variables, local UserFunctions, Library names, which all must be unique names. 5. Built-in functions, such as sin() and totSize(). 6. ActiveX controls and automation constants depending on which libraries have been referenced using Instrument ⇒ ActiveX Automation References or ActiveX Control References. For example, many constants exist in Excel’s automation library, such as xlMaximized).

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