Adventures in Paleontology: 36 Classroom Fossil Activities by Thor A. Hansen PDF

By Thor A. Hansen

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Hundreds of thousands of years after vanishing from the Earth, dinosaurs nonetheless have the facility to stir scholars' interest. Deepen that curiosity with Adventures in Paleontology, a sequence of vigorous hands-on actions specially for center schoolers. This fantastically illustrated complete colour ebook positive factors 36 actions that open scholars as much as various foundational sciences, together with biology, geology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy. for instance: 'How Do Fossils Form?' discusses how organisms turn into fossils and illustrates the idea that with actions that simulate fossil-making procedures. 'What are you able to study From Fossils?' explores what fossils educate approximately old organisms. 'Mass Extinction and Meteor Collisions With Earth' discusses lately chanced on hyperlinks among meteor and asteroid affects in the world and the dying of animals like dinosaurs. different chapters hide how one can inform the age of the Earth; how dinosaurs developed; and variety, category, and taxonomy.! the ultimate chapters provide humanistic views on fossils in literature and paintings. As an attention grabbing supplement to the textual content, shiny complete colour illustrations exhibit not only skeletons and animal tracks but in addition what dinosaurs most likely gave the impression of of their traditional settings. convenient line drawings consultant scholars via every one step of the actions.

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The purpose of this activity is for you to try to solve the very same mystery Goldfuss confronted. What did the assembled skeleton of this fossil animal look like? And then: What kind of life did this animal live in Germany about G U R E 2 . 3 150 million years ago? Original specimen of Scaphognathus crassirostris found by Goldfuss. 4 Reconstruction of lagoon environment in which Scaphognathus crassirostris was deposited. 20 N AT I O N A L S C I E N C E T E A C H E R S A S S O C I AT I O N C H A P T E R A C T I V I T Y 2 2 Objectives: 1.

Once captured, Moon snail shell (left) and live moon snail (right) showing its “foot” and mantle. 31) in the shell of the prey. It drills this hole by secreting acid onto a spot on the shell and then filing away the loosened material with its radula. 32 Shells of two species of Muricidae, which drill small, vertically sided holes in the shells of their prey. 31 Incomplete (left) and complete (right) drill holes in shells created by moon snails. 33 Shell clipping crab attacking a snail. proboscis into the shell and eats the flesh of the animal.

7. , both males and females had large plates. A D V E N T U R E S I N PA L E O N T O L O G Y 45 C H A P T E R A C T I V I T Y 2 9 It is convenient to place these predictions and tests in a table: Hypothesis Prediction Test Defensive Armor Plates tough and cover vital areas No: plates weak and do not cover sides Defensive Spikes Plates strong and sharp No: plates weak and not sharp Defensive Display Plates make Stegosaurus look larger Yes Courtship Display Males have plates, females don’t No: both sexes have plates Thermoregulation Plates thin and porous with many blood vessel holes Yes Conclusion: The plates fail our tests for defensive armor, spikes, and courtship display.

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