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By Charles C. Sims

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From Preface: "This publication is meant as a textual content for a one-year introductory direction in summary algebra within which algorithmic questions and computation are under pressure. an important volume of laptop utilization via scholars is expected. My selection to write down the publication grew out of my curiosity in group-theoretic algorithms and my commentary that studying the definitions, the theorems, or even the proofs of algebra too usually fails to equip scholars accurately to resolve computational algebraic difficulties. The ambitions of the publication are to: 1. Introduce scholars to the elemental options of algebra and to undemanding effects approximately them. 2. current the idea that of an set of rules and to debate sure primary algebraic algorithms. three. convey how pcs can be utilized to resolve algebraic difficulties and to supply a library, CLASSLIB, of machine courses with which scholars can examine fascinating computational questions in algebra. four. Describe the APL machine language to the level had to in achieving the opposite goals."

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Fact (as pointed out by M. Andr~ and H. Volger), if ~ In f is a morphism of theories then the usual (left) Kan adjoint Sm 3/A corresponding to f actually takes product-preserving functors into product preserving functors, and so restricts to a functor f, with I lb. Thus we have the commutative diagram of functors - op ~'5 - fop ~ ~ f, >/A b Explicitly, for any B - a l g e b r a op Y, the underlying set of the "rela- tively free" /A-algebra Yf, is the colimit of (f, A) 9 ,-~ Y 9 S where the first factor of this composite is the obvious forgetful functor from the category whose morphisms are triples @, ~ , @' with @, @' operations in / ~ and Q~ a morphism in ~ ~ 1 7 such that 6 ~176 A is commutative in / A .

Clearly there is a full e m b e d d i n g / A ~ which preserves coproducts; /A-algebras, and its m o r p h i s m s / A - where ~. /~b its values are the finitel2-generated frec "free" refers to the left adjoint of the functor "underlying" IAb $ - 43 - whose value at the algebra X is the value of X at A: XU/A =AX. The underlying functor is a particular algebraic functor, where the latter means a functor /A l' z induced by composition of functors from a theor2 morphism where a theory morphism is just a functor f such that (~(~))f = ~(~) for all is n g ~ .

Fac. Sci. Tokyo, Sec 18, 507-526 (1960). SOME ALGEBRAIC PROBLEMS IN THE CONTEXT OF FUNCTORIAL SEMANTICS OF ALGEBRAIC THEORIES F. William Lawvere The categorical approach to universal algebra, initiated in [FSAT], has been extended from finitary to infinitary operations in [SAEC], from sets to arbitrary base categories through the use of triples (monads) in [AFT] and [AMT] and from one-sorted theories over 1-dimensional categories t o ~ - s o r t e d sional categories in [BT]. theories over 2-dimen- But despite this generality, there is still enough information in the machinery of algebraic categories, algebraic functors, adjoints to algebraic functors, the semantics and structure superfunctors, etc.

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