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Lately, the time period "Abrahamic religions" has been used with exceeding frequency within the academy. We now on a regular basis come across educational books, meetings, or even positions (including endowed chairs) dedicated to the so-called "Abrahamic religions." yet what precisely are "Abrahamic religions"? even though many understand him because the universal denominator of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Abraham continues to be deceptively out of achieve. An ahistorical determine, a few contend he holds the seeds for old reconciliation. Touted as image of ecumenicism, Abraham can simply as simply functionality as one in all department and exclusivity. Like our figuring out of Abraham, the class "Abrahamic religions" is imprecise and nebulous. In Abrahamic Religions, Aaron Hughes examines the production and dissemination of this term.

Usually misplaced in modern discussions is a suite of an important questions: the place does the time period "Abrahamic religions" derive? Who created it and for what reasons? what kind of highbrow paintings is it seemed to practice? half genealogical and half analytical, this e-book seeks to elevate and resolution questions about the appropriateness and value of making use of "Abrahamic religions" as a motor vehicle for realizing and classifying info. In so doing, Abrahamic Religions should be taken as a case research that examines the development of different types in the educational research of faith, exhibiting how the kinds we hire can develop into extra an obstacle than an expedient to figuring out.

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If Jews have used the covenant established between Abraham and God as proof of their chosenness and their subsequent religious and emotional attachment to a piece of land in the Middle East, both Christians and Muslims have used Abraham to deny such claims. Abraham, according to their readings, becomes either the first Christian or the first Muslim, but certainly not a Jew. Another way of saying all of this is that there is no historical precedent for reading the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim myths that deal with the figure of Abraham or Ibrahim together in the ways that many want to align them today.

25 That is, the history of religions is What Are “Abrahamic Religions”? 29 not composed of families of religions—for example, vague and reified notions of “Abrahamic” or “Western” religions on the one hand, and “Eastern” ones on the other—but, invoking Wittgenstein, of terms or concepts that lack an essential core in which the meaning of words is located. ”26 The twin acts of classification and defi nition, staying with Wittgenstein for a little longer, are ultimately based on selection and choice, as opposed to simply and passively recognizing qualities thought to reside in an object or set of objects.

What Are “Abrahamic Religions”? 19 then, locate in Abraham their origins and subsequently find in him the end point of their quest for legitimation. 7 Although he originally appears in the Hebrew Bible, Abraham does so before Moses and the revelation that determines the specifics of what Israeliteness (and, subsequently, Jewishness) means. Although he is the recipient of a covenant that establishes him as the father of a great nation, the biblical narrative nowhere names this nation specifically (but certainly implies that it will be Israel).

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