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By Saulo Rodrigues-Filho

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Mineralogical-sedimentological and geochemical investigations together with pollen info of a 12.7-m-long dated sediment middle from Lake Silvana, SE Brazil, let the reconstruction of the climatic historical past over the last 10,000 years. The lowermost part (I) displays a rough paleosol-type sediment with plentiful plant particles and rootlets; pollen exhibits grassland plants. part II represents fine-grained lake sediments; pollen exhibits a savanna-like plants. part III represents a pollen-free, coarse-grained allogenic sediment deposited less than excessive transportation strength (increased precipitation). part IV, a greenish series with expanding C content material in the direction of the pinnacle, has a pollen spectrum of present-day plants (semideciduous forest). the various sediment sections convey a reference to erosional levels within the catchment of the lake, in accordance with mineralogy and geochemistry, that are a reaction to weather improvement.

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An aggrading take basin is strongly suggested by the oxic nature of sediments and the increase in sediment coarseness, accompanied by higher gibbsite and Pb concentrations (Figs. 4). A long interruption in pollen deposition was observed within the whole sequence of zone III, which is an indication of the rapid sedimentation of detrital sediments (Fig. 5). 8-m-thick sequence was indeed deposited within a very short time (Fig. 6D). A further indication of a major allogenic nature of this unit is 41 the contrasting behavior of Fe relative to Mn.

Pollen Diagram @ o,o,o,o,o,ooot°,),,o . . . 320 ~::z,m ~ : Fe(%) Mn (pg/g) Hg (pg/g) C(org) ,20pm(%) ,ooo "°ZTI~ 20 0 i "='=" 2200 0 i ~" 0,5 " L~TLml ' .............. ~ l Cerrado Shrubs and Trees (%) , ~ Herbs (%) ............ ,i aTropic. Shrubs ! ',i and Trees (%) ! ~,,', ........... t:: , = ............ ~ = . ==. 7. ,=. z::~J ~. M,~ ....... ~= ................................... - - ............... i ........... ~ ' " ~ .......... ' " ~ ............ r - - ~ ............ ~'"'"'~ .............

Kopp (1986) has observed that Fe and Ti concentrations in saprolites of weathering profiles in Minas Gerais show almost no variation relative to the parent rock. Trace-metal concentrations in the C1 horizon revealed the highest values for Cr and Pb (Fig. 14). As already observed elsewhere, the first stage of chemical weathering in tropical 50 landscapes results in the formation of kaolinite and amorphous or crystallized ferruginous oxyhydroxides, preserving the macroscopic lithological structure (Nahon, 1991).

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A Holocene Sedimentary Record from Lake Silvana, Se Brazil: Evidence for Paleoclimatic Changes from Mineral, Trace-Metal, and Pollen Data (Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences) by Saulo Rodrigues-Filho

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