A Despotism of Law: Crime and Justice in Early Colonial - download pdf or read online

By Radhika Singha

ISBN-10: 0195653114

ISBN-13: 9780195653113

This quantity bargains with law-making as a cultural company within which the colonial nation needed to draw upon current normative codes of rank, prestige and gender, and re-order them to a brand new and extra specific definition of the state's sovereign correct.

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630-2. Ikrarntl71lllh: deed of acceptance. 3lJRB to GG in C, 27 February 1792, BRJ P/127178, 13 April 1792, p. 532. II Reg 17, s 10, 1795, Banaras. u Reg 3, s 6, 1812. Corporal punishment for neglect of police duty was prohihited by Reg 2, s 2,1834; but even in 1848 the Patna Magistrate found it was the practise to imprison or fine a chaukidar for every burglary in his beat ifhe could not provide any clues. Magt Patna to SessionsJudge, 7January 1849, in KK Datta, Selutions from Patna (orrespollden(c, 1954, p.

H However, the invocation of the Mughnl past also had a certain significance for the service literati tiemselves. / guard action to defend the authority of the Nizamat in Bengal, one aspeetof which was the association between an Islamic magistracy and Mughal traditions of rulc. e. sa But in another context he would also complain that Ali Ibrahim Khan was more attached to the letter of the Islamic law regarding murder than he could have supposed. S9 54 W. sturi(al and rt4tistical mmto;r (HSM), 1870, part II, p.

0' Civil Authority and Due Process investigations in these re~ords which give us a glimpse into su methodsĀ· and presumptions. In one instance Kewalram harka was sent' with an armed escort to Ballia and Kharid to reeov money stolen from a British army officerY Kewalram proeeedel by arrestlng aU the pmbans, watchmen, of the suspected vilbge, 0 the presumption thilt they were thieves or would know whie pasbans were reputedĀ· to be thieves. Some of the arrested me framed their defence in terms which would sound convincing t their interrogator, that is, with an implied acceptance of the as sociation- between their profession and a proclivity for theft.

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