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By Kishore K Das and Dibyojyoti Bhattacharjee

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The identify «101 Graphical Techniques», itself shows the very objective of the e-book. info visualization or graphical illustration of Statistical facts is now an rising subfield of information. even though quite a few graphical thoughts existed in statist!cal literature yet a few quite common graphical strategies are chanced on to duplicate themselves in just about all books and journals. yet with the advances within the box of know-how using pics has elevated again and again. this present day, graphical equipment play an immense function in all facets of statistical investigation-it starts off with explanatory plots, helps numerous levels of research and is helping within the ultimate conversation and exhibit of effects. nowadays we see broad use of pix in print media, tv information, activities insurance, commercial and so on. And this provides us an concept in regards to the improvement of statistical pics. many of the contemporary models of statistical software program are actually generating high-resolution selfexplanatory portraits and is including variety of extra graphs in each contemporary model in their product. even though, the software program programs don't supply adequate textual content to help the aim and interpretation of the rather much less universal images and this in flip limit their use. Social scientists can now get their info analyzed through the use of graphical instruments which are convenient and more uncomplicated in comparison to different statistical equipment. yet absence of right textual content has hindered the improvement of pix and there use is particular even if software program is offered for generating the graphs. The graphical recommendations, if used can decrease loads of calculations that's concerned with different statistical suggestions in achieving to a end. a few facts analyst and learn employees are looking for a textual content which may act as a torch bearer on the earth of statistical photographs. numerous universities of Europe and united states have began to enhance really expert classes on «Data Visualization» or «Statistical Graphics». the craze is quickly going to go into diversified elements of the globe and this ebook may be thought of a convenient fabric for «Statistical Graphics». The publication contains of 10 I statistical plots that may be used for research, reveal and comparability of knowledge. information units are supplied with many of the plots and appropriate calculation if any also are proven. The variables thought of alongside the axes are highlighted and the translation of the graph is usually mentioned. The makes use of of every of the graphical device are forwarded besides a few similar statistical/graphical instruments. * broad aspect clever dialogue approximately many identified and unknown graphical instruments * reside facts set of achieve plot * comparable statistical instrument for every plot * is helping the reader to decide on applicable plot for his/her info * Illustrations of educate graphical instrument with all correct components

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The grey vertical lines within the plot are used to partition the different blocks. Each block consists of four rectangles one for each treatment. The values of the treatments at the two levels determine the position and length of the rectangles. The integers' I' and '2' within each rectangle is used to represent the relative position of the levels of the treatments. 2. Working Data The working data is taken from Barlett (1936) which gives the values ofnumber ofsurviving latherjackets for different controls and emulsions.

4. Uses (a) This type of bar diagrams is widely used techniques of data representation especially in cases when the values of the response variable are to be compared along with the component parts. (b) This diagram is simple to draw and almost all the statistical software provides the option of drawing it. 5. Related Techniques (a) Simple Bar Diagram, (b) Multiple Bar Diagram, (c) Histogram, (d) Impulse Chart, and (e) Pie Chart. 1. Definition and Description This is an important graphic tool, which mainly helps in the comparison of two data sets for location and dispersion.

X For drawing the binomialness plot, we compute the value of log denotes the values of the observed frequencies. The points plotted in a graph paper along with the points [x, log [ n~x II [n~x] , where [x, log [ n~x II Ox are then which falls in a straight line and accordingly these points are connected to get the straight line. , [x, log [ D I1~X ])Iies in close proximity to the line. 2. Working Data The data that is used for the plot is taken from David (1971), which gives the number of fishes that are caught in one trap.

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